Unbeatable adaptability is a unique strength of Bangladesh apparel industry which has enabled the sector to climb up the ladder of success over the last three decades. The industry leaves no stone unturned to keep pace with demand of time, taking lead in sustainability is such a step of the industry.

Bangladesh has now 88 green garment factories certified LEED by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). These factories are highly equipped to water conservation, energy and resource efficiency. Moreover, as people is one of the main pillars of sustainability, there have been some commendable strides in the country to take care of the garment workers which are indeed very encouraging to notice.

However, I do believe that still there are many areas where further improvements are needed.

Mostafiz Uddin
Editor, Bangladesh Stories

The Sustainability Stories of Bangladesh Stories while brought into light some of the inspiring cases to global audience, they also call for further collaboration among the stakeholders to accelerate the momentum of sustainability in the apparel industry of Bangladesh - the second largest apparel exporting country in the world.

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